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A little about me

I am a registered nurse with 25 years of practice licensed in Vermont and New Hampshire.  With these 25 years I have come to learn that we are as individuals  are able heal our bodies without necessary popping a pill or taking some magic elixir. Thus my desire to become and practice as a natural energy healer. We need to listen to our bodies, breathe and live each day to the fullest.

I have received my Reiki Master attunement July of 2017 by the amazing and loving healer Libby Barrnet at Reiki Healing Touch in Wilton, NH to which I had prior studies under her as a Reiki I and Reiki II Practitioner I also have received my Associate Level Zen Shiatsu from The Shiatsu School of Vermont in June 2017.  I will be completing my Holistic Practitioner/Therapist Certification in Aromatherapy from  The School of Natural Health Sciences in London, United Kingdom in March of 2019 and will be offering Aromatherapy and Aromatherapy Swedish Massage in April of 2019. Stay Tuned!!

I am a compassionate, energetic and versatile practitioner, who is passionate about helping others. If you are seeking alternative healing therapies. I am here to offer you a caring, safe professional environment  to help in your healing journey.